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Top Recommended Walks - Thanksgiving in London

Top Recommended Walks - Thanksgiving in London

As I'm sure we all know, there is no way for London to be packaged up into one page only. After spending a couple of months living there, I didn't see everything I need to see, and I feel a sort of magnetic connection to it. London is home, and this year for Thanksgiving, I was able to go "home." 

After one of my favorite Thanksgiving to date, including a vegetarian menu and lots of wine, a friend who had never been to London came to town. We stayed at Astor Hyde Park, which was fine with a relatively good location. 

We ended up seeing a lot within the 3 days we were there, which allowed me to compile a couple of walking guides to maximize your time there. 

Westminster - includes, the Abbey, Palace, and Bridge - all in the same general area.

On the square, you've got Parliament (Westminster Palace), Westminster Abbey - where all royalty gets crowned and married - definitely worth a tour inside if you've got 18 pounds to spend, and the supreme court equivalent. On the square, there are plenty of red phone booths for your classic tourist pictures too. 

If you cross the bridge right next to Westminster Palace and go right down the stairs, you get a nice view of the palace and bridge which is perfect for pics like this one


After visiting near the palace and Westminster tube station area, walk down toward Trafalgar Square to get that view and visit the National Portrait Gallery if so inclined. Turning left from Trafalgar, head to Green Park and toward Buckingham Palace and take in the beautiful views and changing of the guards if you time your visit correctly. 

We went to St. James' park which can occasionally be less busy than other parks around there. It's pretty and a nice way to kill an hour. 


The next day we went to one of my favorite walks of the city. Starting at St. Paul's, you get to experience the actual city of London. After viewing and / or visiting St. Paul's you can go on the millennium bridge towards south bank. Millennium bridge is fun because it's the bridge warped in the final Harry Potter, but make sure to look back toward St. Paul for a very nice view of the dome.

Once across the bridge, you can turn left and see the Globe Theatre. After viewing / visiting that, continue walking generally toward Tower Bridge to eventually come across the South Bank area, where you can see the Tower of London across the river, and the Mayor's building on your right. We decided to cross Tower Bridge and saw the Tower of London from outside. By this point we were getting peckish and needed a meal, so we hopped on the Tube toward our hostel. 

These two walks can take as long or as little time, depending on how long you stop for each view, and if you decide to go inside.

I also decided to show my friend Kensington, Notting Hill, and we went on a pub crawl in Shoreditch so she actually saw a really good amount of the city.

More on London to come of course.  


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