I'm Caroline! Based in Dublin, Ireland and on a mission to travel as much as possible on a small budget before real life starts. 

Recommended Traveling Apps

Recommended Traveling Apps

Although I use apps everyday, I don't usually think of them as particularly helpful. Until I studied abroad, I didn't even look into apps outside of facebook, snapchat, etc. Turns out the app store is full of fun, fabulous, and super useful tools. Try these out to make your abroad experience that much easier. 

CityMaps2Go - allows you to download maps when you have wifi of cities you’re going to / living without using data. You can mark your hostel location, restaurants, sights, etc and uses your google maps location so you can route yourself places offline. By route yourself, I mean old map style, where you look at streets and figure it out. If you want clear instructions, you must be connected to wifi or data and use google or apple maps.

Citymapper - many different public transportation routes (buses, subways, trains, etc), with offline transportation station maps. When you have wifi, you can plug in where you wanna go and it will tell you the best routes available. 

TripAdvisor - I mostly use this to determine the best walking tour, or restaurants when the city doesn’t use Yelp (Budapest, Bratislava). TripAdvisor has reviews of many helpful reviews and recommendations of where to go. 

Yelp - find yummy meals near you

Google Translate - obviously for when you don’t speak the language. The app has a feature where you can use your camera and it will translate the words for you without needing wifi. However, you will need wifi to type in word and translate.

Viber/What's App - they are basically the same app, which is basically texting on wifi without using iMessages (if somebody doesn’t have an iPhone) and you don’t want to use Facebook messenger or something. Additionally, if you get a new phone number abroad, you cannot use iMessages for your old phone number. Enter viber/what's app.

Rick Steves Audio Europe - mainly podcast made by lord and savior rick steves. He has podcasts about major cities, and has recorded walking tours and fun info/ restaurant recs and stuff. Also has really good free videos on YouTube

Pinterest - Actually can have some good recommendations of things to do and see in different major cities. Check out my travel board, and your own you've pinned before your trip. 

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